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    In the breeze of reform and opening up, with the opportunity of the Olympic Games and the taken into effect of <Security Service Management Regulation>, China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) and VSS Group jointly initiated Security Experts Committee of CANGO. The inaugurating of the committee was held grandly in CCPCC Hall. Security Experts Committee is the first non-governmental security experts organization in the prosperous developing security industry. This is the result of market economy and also the milestone of building a harmonious society, promoting the developing of a specialized, standardized, legal and internationalized security service industry in China.


Major Leaders of Security Experts Committee of CANGO

Honorary President: Qu Qiyu, Zhu Shuguang

Director & Vice Director: Zhang Baozhong, Luo Dongjin, Cao Kangtai, Li Dianren, Song Shutao, Luo Xiaoqing, Xiao Xinghua, Zhou En, Jiang Xiaohua, Yao Shigen, Mao Zeying, He Liming, Geng Zhiyuan, Zhu QIlu, Liu Kang, etc.

Secretary General: Zhang Weixin (part-time)

Executive secretary: Zhe Meijie