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Security Training

VSS is the first and only professional high-end security training company, and the only unofficial Olympic security training institute appointed by the government. We combine education with record of formal schooling and vocational education, which is unique in China. Our trainers are security experts, anti-terrorism proficients and training experts from China, U.K., the U.S., France, Israel, etc. Their experience, technique, awareness and influence are unparalleled. Besides, our training results are excellent that we groomed large quantity of various types of security personnel through VSS advanced security training college and training base.

Various types of security training tailored to needs of clients.

Professional security training:
For professional security personnel: police education, SWAT training, anti-terrorism & anti-explosion, corporation security, executive protection, risk management and security guard training, etc.

Security knowledge training:
For corporation and individual: corporation security, family security, individual security, etc.

Overseas security training:
For staff working overseas and people going abroad: travel security, anti-terrorism, information security, working and resident security.  



Successful cases:
* Olympic security training: for staff in hotels, scenic spots and travel agencies appointed by Beijing Olympic Committee, totaling more than 8000 person-times
* For large enterprises: security training for SIEMENS, China Mobile, Coca-Cola, Unilever, China Travel International Ltd., etc., totaling more than 5000 person-times
* Professional security training: for senior guard, security manager in various security companies, totaling more than 5000 person-times
* Executive protection and other courses for Shanghai Police College and its branches

* Entrepreneur security training for Tsinghua University-Pacific States University director general course
* Security training by VSS Chinese and foreign experts for school security
* Olympic security guard training by VSS foreign experts
* Security training for staff going overseas in large state owned enterprises such as CNPC, totaling more than 30,000 persons, which yields good result. Their security awareness and self protection technique are greatly improved.