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Providing risk management service for a famous Chinese museum


VSS has a close relationship with institutes in cultural area. We have cooperated with National Museum of China, China National Arts & Crafts Museum and other large culture institutes, providing them with advanced internationalized total security services. We also take part actively in building security system of museums. Our cooperation with National Museum of China is a model of such cooperation in cultural area.

The National Museum of China (NMC) is a fully integrated national museum under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic China. NMC is located on the east side of the Tian’anmen Square in Beijing. It was founded in February, 2003. Under the main objective to be “leading within China and first-class internationally”, the National Museum of China puts “people” foremost and develops based on “staff, collection, business, and academic research”. It aims at protecting Chinese cultural heritage, displaying the time-honoured history of China, providing education on history and culture for the public – especially for the young people, and promoting cultural exchange with other countries and regions. Through these efforts, we hope to make the museum a classroom for life-long learning and a palace for culture. From March, 2007 to the end of 2010, the NMC carried out a project to expand the museum such that it covers nearly 200,000 square metres. Today NMC is the largest museum in the world with first-class facilities. Its total number of collections has reached 1.20 million, with forty-eight galleries.   

VSS Security Group actively took part in the expansion work of NMC. We brought in international advanced security management system tailored for the museum. VSS also provides comprehensive services including personnel protection, protection equipment and technology protection, in order to guarantee safety of National Museum of China, a top museum in the world.