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The goal of VSS’ consulting and assessment is ensuring security. We evaluate a company’s safety management process and satisfy security requirement of a modern company
Consulting and assessment is based on modern security management system, including security consulting service, security risk assessment, security information and information gathering, security training, technical protection and crisis management, etc.
By consulting and assessment, VSS can provide clients with advises and measures based on security risk management (including risk assessment beforehand, risk control during events and crisis respond if danger emerges), which includes identification of possible risks, evaluate risk probability and possible negative effect, determination of abilities of risk-taking and determination of risk reduction, priorities, and recommending measure of dealing with risks. Our aim is to accomplish proper security management so as to realize maximum interest.
VSS is the first professional company of event and large cooperation risk assessment, After years of exploration and hardwork, we have become a top ranking company in this area and has become a model in China’s security market.  

* VSS is the only Beijing Olympic Committee appointed private hotel, scenic spot and VIP tour group risk evaluator.
* VSS is the professional company appointed by Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau on providing events risk assessment 
* VSS is the only company providing risk assessment and security auditing for the Fortune 500 companies

Olympic Project:
More than 100 contract hotels: Olympic official hotels-Beijing Hotel, Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center; VIP hotels-Beijing China Hotel, the St. Regis Beijing, Grand Hyatt Beijing, etc. Key scenic spot including the Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, Beijing Amusement Park, etc.; travel agencies including CITS, CYTS, CIT, BTG, etc.

Large Enterperises:
Rolex (China) Headquarter, Unilever Shanghai Headquarter, Spirent Beijing R&D Center, Motorola R&D Center, Carrefour, etc.

 China Open, Beijing International Culture Tourism Festival, China International Exhibition on Police Equipment, Real Madrid’s visit to China, the first International Police Fight Competition, the first China’s Police Rally, the first International Polo Competition, etc. totaling about 1000 programs.