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Museum & Art Gallery

Museum, Gallery, and exhibition center are places for people from world wide to participate and witness arts. The nature of such arena and the importance of artifacts generate the potential for an adverse event to befall both the artifacts and the public who is in attendance.

VSS security Group can protect these places and exhibits beyond doubt and to offer a peace of mind for caretakers and investors. The tools used to accomplish this include: a secured chain of custody for the artifact’s point of origin to point of display and back; Threat and Risk Assessments to the artifact and the facility where the event is to occur or the artifact to be hosted; compliance reviews of the facility to ensure that it is in accordance with the artifact’s caretaker’s standards and requirements; electronic and physical surveillance of the artifact once it’s in place; VSS personnel assigned to the actual artifact to ensure that it is not tampered with while on display; management of security staff during the event to ensure a non-intrusive visitor experience during the event and complete post-event reporting to the facility and caretakers once the artifact has been returned to the caretakers or the event concludes.

VSS believes in partnering with our clients in every step of the way to provide an unparalleled experience that respects the audience and the artifacts involved by leveraging our own history and experience in protecting both the timeless and the priceless.